Ståle Hansen receives the Wellness Champion Award at the ESPC Inspire Awards

CloudWay is proud to congratulate our MVP and CEO, Ståle Hansen for winning the Wellness Champion Award at the ESPC Inspire Award which was organized in Amsterdam. The nominations was from the community and the winner was selected from a community committee.

The Wellness Champion award recognises an individual who has demonstrated exceptional leadership in promoting and encouraging well-being within their organisation and wider community. This person is passionate about physical, mental, and emotional health and has made a positive impact through their efforts.

I am stoked to win this award since there are so many in the Microsoft community who does so many great things. The past two years I have worked as a Digital Wellbeing coach. I have worked with individuals, organizations and senior leadership groups. I have created a methodology for working as smart as possible in Microsoft 365. I have taken proven productivity philosophies such as GTD, Take back your life and the Pomodoro Technique, and adapted them for Microsoft 365 with a practical approach for specific tools such as Microsoft To Do and Viva Insights and Teams. This has resulted in multiple international conference talk, over 8 hours of how to on YouTube, and podcasts as guest.

In CloudWay I started with a #NoMeetingFriday 4 day work week initiative back in 2021 which is inspired by the 4 day week movement. This is a response to slowing down the tempo as consultants and thoughts leaders as we are in CloudWay to take some time to reflect, clean up, declutter your mind, learn and prepare for a proper weekend so that you can be more rested on the Monday.

This are some of the Digital Wellbeing activities I have done and I cannot express what it means to get and award and recognition for something which I am very passionate about. -Ståle Hansen, CEO

Make sure you connect with and follow Ståle Hansen on LinkedIn, and request mentoring and coaching sessions with him here.

Ståle Hansen receiving the award from MVP and RD Maarten Eekels. Photo by Ragnar Heil

The ESPC Inspire Award

The ESPC Inspire Awards brings together a platform for recognising outstanding achievements and contributions across a variety of categories that define our vibrant community. These awards aim to honour the deserving community members who make a difference, the trailblazers who lead with innovation, and the mentors who guide and support others on their journey. Read more here

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