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Here are some stories

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What do digital transformation and sharing culture for a municipality?

Over the last two years, the Voss Municipality has put great effort and work into renewing their technical platform. During this period, they have directed the spotlight on culture, way of work, responsibility areas, and competency, to name a few. On this journey, they have had a good traveling companion in the team from CloudWay.

CloudWay assists the Norwegian Digitalisation Agency to become the most progressive governmental agency

In 2019, the Norwegian Government decided to merge Difi (direktoratet for forvaltning og IKT) with Altinn. By shedding digital legacy, the new system emerged on January 1, 2020 as Norway’s most forward-looking public agency.

Image of Digitaliseringsdirektoratet in Cloudway
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Stokke wants to work with the best expertise within Microsoft 365 and Teams

Instead of working with the same IT Partner in every project, Stokke prefers to work with the best IT-professionals in their given discipline. That’s why they chose CloudWay to improve the company’s communication and internal collaboration by moving them to Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams.

We believe we make a difference

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For our partners

We believe we are a catalyst for success with our troubleshooting skills, our knowledge and our drive for competency transfers. If you want to partner with us, we need you to DRIVE the project and use CloudWay as an escalation point or implementers of specific technologies.

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For our customers

We believe we are a great asset for a competent IT department, those who have deep technical skills, but need a partner with up to date knowledge. We need to be able to envision how to solve a scenario, tell you how to implement it and delegate tasks combined with internal IT and CloudWay. We always need someone who can DRIVE the activity and someone who we can hand-over the solution to.

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As a team

We believe in teamwork. This is why you always have access to all of CloudWay when working with us. We enroll the whole team in projects to ensure that we have the best person on a task at any given time and we ensure redundancy if one of us needs to fly away at a conference or needs to run a workshop. Besides, you will not find one resource that knows all of Microsoft 365, we know when to hand over the stick to the best person.

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