Stokke wants to work with the best expertise within Microsoft 365 and Teams

Instead of working with the same IT Partner in every project, Stokke prefers to work with the best IT-professionals in their given discipline. That’s why they chose CloudWay to improve the company’s communication and internal collaboration by moving them to Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams.

Stokke AS is a Norwegian children’s equipment manufacturer. Their breakthrough came with the Tripp Trapp chair in the 1970s.Today, their product line is sold worldwide. Their headquarters are in Ålesund, and they have a wide dealer network selling their products in over 50 countries. For the company, it is important to have neat file structure and good tools for communication and collaboration.

  • Basically, the goal was to adapt Office 365 and move file data from Box to SharePoint. Microsoft Teams was released at this time, and we saw that it had good functionality for communication and collaboration, says Mikael Nalbant, ICT Operations Specialist at Stokke AS and project manager from Stokke’s side on this project.

Stokke discussed their needs with Microsoft, which in turn recommended two companies that they believed could help provide the right solutions. CloudWay was one of these companies. Stokke invited CloudWay to submit a solution proposal.

  • We chose CloudWay because they understood our needs. We liked the idea of working with a small company that employed the best people in their given field, says Nalbant.

Smart delegation of tasks

The first step of the process was to make a plan. CloudWay helped Stokke to outline the plan. Throughout the project they provided assistance and advice, and they helped to execute the plan.

  • We distributed the tasks among CloudWay and ourselves. At several points their advice opened our eyes to smarter, more efficient solutions, says Nalbant.

At first, Ståle Hansen and Jan Ketil Skanke from CloudWay were the main people involved in the project, but the team expanded as the project progressed and new needs surfaced. Alexander Holmeset, Maurice Daly and Josh Blalock joined the project team after some time.

  • We found CloudWay, and their skilled consultants, very easy to work with. The inclusion of new people into the project went smoothly and all the new consultants were equally skilled and responsive. CloudWay also helped us with other Microsoft technology, beyond what was part of the project, says Nalbant.

Automatically gained access to the correct files and Teams

During the summer of 2019, everyone at Stokke moved to Teams. All their documents were available in Teams, all common documents were stored in SharePoint and all private documents in OneDrive.

  • CloudWay helped us with the setup and configuration, as well as setting up automation. When new employees are enrolled in the HR system, they are automatically enrolled in their department team and automatically get access to the documents they need, Nalbant explains, and adds:
  • Our processes have become much more seamless, as we have adopted all Office products. We see that users work well and efficiently with private and public documents, and that internal collaboration has improved.

Video conferencing works well too.

  • We implemented a very good video conferencing service that we have integrated with our old video conferencing system, says Nalbant.

Users become more autonomous

In addition to implementation and technical setup, user training was an important part of the project.

  • When it came to end-user training, we created the material and ran the initial training. We sent the training material to Stokke so they could run several rounds of user training themselves. The training routine was subsequently rolled out throughout the organisation, in all countries. We wanted Stokke to have the expertise and necessary material to take ownership of the training process, says Ståle Hansen.

How has the subsequent training on Stokke’s part worked?

  • Since we finished the project with CloudWay, we have carried out training in the organisation as planned, and it has worked very well, says Nalbant.

The solution is set up so that users can perform many tasks themselves.

  • Users create project teams themselves and set up access management for them. This means that the IT department has more time to focus, optimize and streamline, concludes Nalbant.

Drop us a note

If you think this sound interesting, if you have questions or you are considering to work with CloudWay on a similar project. Please drop us a note below and we will follow you up!

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