Coffee & Change Podcast Episode 127: Digital Wellbeing with Ståle Hansen

Our MVP and Digital Wellbeing Coach, Ståle Hansen had the honor of guesting the renowned podcast Coffee & Change hosted by Bill Kirst. Bill talks with a diverse set of guests on the topic of leading change in today’s ever-changing world. One of the guests have been Tim Creasey, Chief Innovation Officer at Prosci. The topic with Ståle was Digital Wellbeing and they spend a lot of the time talking about Digital Wellbeing and being intentional with your attention and taking control of notifications. Read more about Ståle’s Digital Wellbeing concept here:

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When was the last time you set a boundary? You know the ones you set for your sanity, your solitude and your serenity? Well, what if I told you that no matter how hard you worked to integrate mindfulness and meditation into your life and workday, you could be missing the biggest offender to your peace of mind which we encounter daily. Yes, those digital notifications that pop up in pretty much every Microsoft product, each of our social networking apps and even the app you are using to listen to this. I apologize in advance as I may even be part of the offense if you got a notification of this episode being published today.

But, the good news is my guest today is here to help us get back those boundaries. Ståle Hansen hails from Norway and is the Founder and CEO of Cloudway. I first heard Ståle speak on a Webinar on Digital Wellbeing at Microsoft this past year and was empowered to make some instant changes for my sanity. Ståle speaks to many companies and teams about the importance of using our Digital Tools in a way that makes wellbeing not only a possibility, but a reality. And the good news is it is finally being built into one of the most underrated modules right at our fingertips…Microsoft Viva.

Ståle and I could have gone on for hours nerding out about all the tactics to take back control of our tech and we didn’t even touch on the ever growing popularity of Copilot and Generative AI Technology. That we saved for a future episode. Enjoy this conversation and make each day a day where you adjust those notifications for your peace of mind. Thanks for listening.

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