CloudWay Services launches Proactive Security Monitoring

We are proud to announce our new managed service, Proactive Security Monitoring. We are looking for early adopter pilot customers, is that you? Contact us using this link.

Our service monitors your cloud, from the M365 applications to your endpoints, giving you the key to secure your cloud environment. It is a perfect complement to a 24/7 security operations centre service by assisting you in securing your cloud environment. Knowing exactly what needs to be done in your environment, you can proactively mitigate risks before they are exploited.

Are you confident your business is safe in the cloud? We can verify for you, and show you what needs to be done to be secure.

Working with companies all over the world, CloudWay experts have developed the reports they need and use every day on customer assignments. Surfacing information that is hard to combine, in one single report, saves time and increases quality when helping customers to stay secure. They already share their knowledge with the community, and now you can get the reports, hosted and maintained by CloudWay Services, combined with expert recommendations. We call it: Proactive Security Monitoring.

We would love to show you how to benefit from Proactive Security Monitoring. Contact CloudWay Services CEO, Audun Solheim who can set you up with an intro. Read more about what the reports focusing on here and you find the contact from for Audun here.

We published an article on this topic in Computerworld Norway, check it out here.

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