Teams Cast Away: Merethe Stave S6 E7 Copilot, Ignite, ESPC og mer…

In this episode of “Teams Cast Away”, Season 6 Episode 7, join your host Kai Stenberg as he engages in an inspiring conversation with Merethe Stave from CloudWay.

The focus of their discussion revolves around Microsoft Copilot, some snapshots and info from the conferences Microsoft Ignite and ESPC23 (European SharePoint Conference), as well as a quick swipe by the Norwegian Microsoft 365 Community..

They delve into Microsoft Copilot, which has recently been released in General Availability (GA), and explore what this can mean for organizations. Tune in to gain some valuable insight in what Microsoft Copilot is, as well as insights about Topics for Viva and SharePoint Embedded, and what to think about moving forward with the technology and perhaps get some inspirations.

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