TeamsFest Spring 2020: Get Skypexit done

This is a recording of the session MVP Mårten Hellebro did on get Skypexit done at Teamsfest organized by the Eurpoean Teams User Group

Get Skypexit done

There will be no second referendum, no more ifs or buts… Microsoft Teams is replacing Skype for Business. Either you let Microsoft switch your tenant automatically to Teams only mode and you crash out of Skype with a no-deal Skypexit, or you get in control and negotiate the terms of a controlled Skypexit. Find out how to keep everyone on board, sort out the different coexistence modes, and learn more about Skype and Teams interop, so that you are fully prepared, before the big change in July 2021. In this session, MVP Mårten Hellebro will help you get your Skypexit done, by sharing real-world experience, best practices, as well as tips and tricks to deliver a successful Skypexit. There will be no more delays, it’s do or die, get Skypexit done

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