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Our MVP, Alexander Holmeset is invited to speak about what can be automated as a Teams administrator at the PowerShell | DevOps | Cloud Conference 2021. This is the biggest PowerShell Conference in Asia which has adopted a new dimension and formats to bring expert sessions on DevOps and Cloud. Make sure you sign up today!

What can be automated as a Teams administrator?

You are a Teams administrator, and maybe you have multiple roles in your IT organization? We will look at what tasks can be automated in your day-to-day operation of Microsoft Teams. This is not so you don’t need to be a Teams administrator anymore, but to give you time to focus on the important tasks. I will guide you through some of the community tools that are out there, so it’s almost as easy as copy/paste to get started. We will dive into PowerShell, Graph API and LogicApps/PowerAutomate.

About PowerShell | DevOps | Cloud Conference 2021

Powershell, DevOps and Cloud conference is a community-driven conference. To make all this possible, an awesome team is working behind the scenes. Read more.

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