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Meta, the company formerly known as Facebook, has announced that all access to Workplace will be terminated on June 1st, 2026, and the Workplace will be deleted. Meta customers or customers using Workplace would receive this information, as well as a timeline for what is happening to Workplace.   

Currently, there are several customers either upgrading their Yammer to Microsoft Viva Engage (hereafter Viva Engage) communities or moving/considering moving from Workplace to Viva Engage. One option for this process, or other solutions you might want to move to Viva Engage from, is to use a migration partner. There are some considerations that are important to learn more about, think about and decide about before running into a migration project if migrating at all.   

Organizational change can be a complex process that takes time and careful planning to avoid costly mistakes, or toll on resources. Many times, it is not the technology “work” that takes time and effort. One of the most time-consuming aspects of organizational change is reaching consensus on the details of the change process. Meta is recommending a migration partner. You can find information on what Meta is recommending on their webpages. However, migration might not be the best way forward for your internal networks.   

Move as we are?  

When creating a network in an organization, there might be strict control over which network groups can be created, or which might be more of a free range. Over time, these networks evolve, and organizations use different tools for diverse types of networks. There is not one right or wrong answer, or way to move from one platform to another. There are some good practices that can help in the process of moving from Workplace to another platform.   

Move to Viva Engage?  

For many Workplace customers who already have Microsoft 365 licenses and active collaboration in Teams and SharePoint, and other Microsoft apps and tools, it may be natural to move to Viva Engage, as then their employees will only have one user profile to relate to and it will be integrated with what they already have in their Microsoft 365 platform.

What is Viva Engage?  

Viva Engage is a communication and knowledge sharing platform for employees to share stories, insights and knowledge, engage with colleagues and peers, attend virtual events and get to know others in the organization.

Viva Engage is not identical to Workplace and has some differences in features and functionality. Viva Engage will have the discussion and post “forum” similarly to what we are used to from Workplace. In addition, you will get a SharePoint site associated with your Viva Engage group, plus Planner for tasks and activities and OneNote for notes. It can be worthwhile to plan for how the communication and collaboration ecosystem should be structured, and how, when and by whom it should be used, if moving from Workplace to Viva Engage.

Teams versus Viva Engage?  

Figure 1 Illustration of elements of information, collaboration and communication
Figure 2 Illustration of the Teams ecosystem and the Viva Engage ecosystem

Microsoft Teams  

Microsoft Teams is meant to be a hub for collaboration for a group of people working on more or less the same activities and tasks.

In a Teams group, it is generally expected that all members know each other, understand the purpose of the group, and share a common goal or set of activities. 

Number of members 

Teams groups can vary in size, but typically have between a few and 50 members, with a maximum of 300-500 members.(even if the technical limitation for Teams members is 25000). If a team is more than 500 people, you might want to consider using Viva Engage or divide into several teams in Teams. 

Different types of teams in Teams can have different audience. E.g. a team for a department may consist of 40 people, and for a team for Change Management Champions it may have 350 members in a large organization, and both are good for that specific purpose, as what they collaborate on is different.   

Examples of use for Teams:

  • Departments  
  • Projects
  • Committees and Boards  
  • Research groups  
  • Work groups  

Microsoft Viva Engage  

Microsoft Viva Engage is meant to be a hub for knowledge sharing and employee engagement across the organization.

The rule of thumb for Viva Engage networks is that they might not necessarily know everyone in the group, nor are they required to. They might, however, get to know new people, across the organization, with whom they share some common interests.

Examples of use for Viva Engage:

  • Global communities
    • All company
    • Country communities
    • Regional communities
  • Expertise communities
    • Sustainability
    • Security
    • Way of work – collaboration and communication good practice
    • Role based communities
  • Process communities
    • Information and updates related to HR processes
    • Information and updates related to Operational processes
    • Information and updates related to Project and Portfolio processes
    • Information and updates related to Product processes
  • Social communities
    • Sports and activities groups
    • Hobbies groups

Associated to both Teams and Viva Engage you have a SharePoint site, a Planner and a OneNote. Of course, you can add as many of these and other tools as you like. Itis important to plan for the ecosystem of Viva Engage, or Teams, before moving from Workplace. Most likely some of the groups in Workplace belong in a group in Teams and others belong in a group in Viva Engage.

Figure 3 Which groups should be moved to Teams and which should be moved to Viva Engage?  

It might seem like a daunting task to move content from Workplace to Viva Engage by yourself, and not migrate. You might expect that migration is faster and more effective. It might be faster to migrate in the short term, however, it might be a better idea to start

  1. Decide on a community network strategy, project goals and realistic project plan
  2. Build communities based on strategy.
    1. Start with a combination of managed and unmanaged (e.g. free to join) communities  
  3. Expand to more communities as the organization matures  
  4. Archive Workplace communities and data. You might want to migrate content into a SharePoint site for temporary storage or archiving while organizing your new communities, or if a lot of data, consider Azure storage.  
  5. If you don’t already have one, invest in a champion network, especially if you are considering Copilot, or artificial intelligence somehow. Adoption and governance for your content, collaboration and communication is no longer a nice-to-have option, it is a requirement to succeed with Copilot, or other AI tools. Moving forward adoption and governance could be your greatest asset and drivers for your organizations journey.  

Move to Viva Engage?  

For most companies already using Microsoft 365 it would be more natural to move to Viva Engage. Viva Engage offers a different world compared to Workplace, with integration into the Microsoft 365 platform and the ability to create groups that come with a SharePoint site, Planner, and OneNote.  

Start fresh – get control  

Starting fresh with Viva Engage allows the company to have better control over the groups that are created and how they are managed. They can differentiate between groups that are based on organizational affiliation or role, and those that are more free-form, such as sports or informal professional networks. It is also important to define what should be shared and communicated in Teams versus in Viva Engage.  

Once a good structure is in place, relevant content from Workplace can be moved into the new networks, either manually or using a migration solution.  

CloudWay would be happy to run a workshop and/or a proof of concept or pilot to help surface some factual information about the current situation and help set up concrete goals, a realistic progress plan, and a business case for moving from Workplace to Viva Engage.   

Is your company ready to take the necessary steps to ensure a successful transition from Workplace to Viva Engage?  

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