Digi.no Interviews CloudWay about their modern way of working

In CloudWay we work in a modern way. We are spread across different locations and don’t have an office where all seven of us work together every day. Instead, we all have home offices and take advantage of modern technology for collaboration. As cloud solution experts who teach enterprise mobility, security and productivity, we practice what we preach.

Our employees are based in Norway, Sweden, Ireland and the USA. Despite the distance, we try to be productive and always work together as a team, by using all the solutions we recommend to clients. This way we save time on commute. And as Ståle Hansen says in the article: Work is not a place, but a state of mind.

In CloudWay we all hold a Microsoft MVP title, which is awarded to tech experts who share knowledge about Microsoft products through lectures, blogging or attending various forums. All of us travel frequently to conduct talks and workshops, and to help businesses around the world.

The secret sauce in CloudWay success is passion. In fact, passion and drive are what we look for when hiring new people to join the company. In CloudWay we are drawn to tech individuals who share the same vision as them.

Read the full interview here to learn how CloudWay collaborates in the cloud: https://www.digi.no/artikler/intervju-denne-it-bedriften-har-ikke-kontor-lokaler-vi-jobber-pa-en-moderne-mate/477685?key=LKDgSRhJ

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