Microsoft Interviews Ståle Hansen, shares task management tips

Microsoft has interviewed Ståle Hansen to share how he maintains work and life harmony despite the demands of his roles in the IT industry. The founder, CEO and Principal Cloud Architect at CloudWay reveal that he is passionate about looking for ways to help improve his productivity so he can get more things done and still have time for his family.

Hansen takes advantage of technology solutions to manage his work and family obligations well. One of his secret weapons is OneNote which he uses every day at work to keep everything recorded. He uses it to write down ideas, to-do lists, tasks, meeting notes, and whiteboard sessions. See how he does it in the recording from Microsoft Ignite 2017

The tool does not only helps him stay organized but also keeps him from losing great ideas which are unavoidable considering the nature of his work. Brilliant ideas that pop into his head any time of the day go into OneNote. It is the most useful technology solution for him as an active international speaker and Microsoft MVP.

Hansen admits that he loves to use his mobile phone even outside of work because it has everything he needs from car navigation to entertainment and business apps. Although it is difficult to stay out of our mobile devices nowadays, he practices reducing and controlling his notifications especially when he is at home with family during weekends to separate personal life from his business.

Read the full interview to learn how CloudWay CEO Stale Hansen leverages OneNote to develop work-life harmony and his piece of advice to all who are struggling to separate personal life from work.

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