Microsoft 365 PnP Weekly – Episode 212 with Lesley Crook

In this episode of the weekly discussion revolving around the latest news and topics on Microsoft 365, host – Vesa Juvonen (Microsoft) | @vesajuvonen and Waldek Mastykarz (Microsoft) | @waldekm are joined by UK-based Cloud Consultant, Viva Explorer Visionary and Microsoft MVP – Lesley Crook (CloudWay) | @Lesley_wolan

Topics discussed in this session

  • The Host’s comments on ECS (European Collaboration Summit)
  • The 3 biggest challenges organizations are grappling with today.
  • Thoughts on how to approach change management – consider the ADKAR change framework.
  • The Viva Explorers movement – a founding member’s perspective
  • Viva Explorer’s – Viva Round the World – a 24 hour virtual event on June 2nd, with 4 tracks and 80 presentations.
  • What are the top Viva go-dos? Start with Viva origami.
  • Viva does not mean all new equipment, it’s a business level abstraction layer on top of apps.
  • How does one get to be a change and adoption consultant?

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