CloudWay MVP-led for yet another year

CloudWay is very proud to congratulate both Ståle Hansen and his partner Jan Ketil Skanke for being MVPs for another year

\”When I started CloudWay in Desember 2016 my misson was to build a high-end consulting firm with MVP\’s holding the reins. This puts CloudWay in a unique position as advisor to our customers and partners and at the same time give back to the community\” – Ståle Hansen, Founder CloudWay AS

One of the biggest values of being an MVP is the community. The MVP Community around the world is suddenly inside your mailbox every day. You can participate in interresting discussions on real life issues and product futures and features every day. This gives us a big benefit when we are working with our own customers, placing us in a unique position where we can give advise not only based on our own experience, but the experience of all the community as well. And of course the direct line to the Microsoft product groups in Redmond helps a lot too.

This quote from Richard Feynman describes what it means to be MVP well \”If you want to understand it well… explain it\” 

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