Microsoft 365 Assessments

The Microsoft 365 assessment gives you full overall:

Platform and adoption status

Overview of components that is not implemented and components that could be improved

Help to prioritize tasks and activity

Ståle Hansen and Jan Ketil Skanke

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Thanks for the detailed and comprehensive report. We have already found areas to improve, some of which we were not aware.

Per Kopperdal

Per Kopperdal
Sparebanken Sogn og Fjordane

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We help you discover what you didn’t know about your Microsoft 365 platform.

Stale Hansen


CloudWay provides a report in an interactive SharePoint list, associated with Teams, with a list of action elements such as

Overview of implemented components

Recommended priority for further improvements

Overview of severity levels and required actions

Help you and your company to prioritize tasks and activities

Most importantly CloudWay provides an overview of components that are not

Implemented but should be as well as components that could be improved

Run a workshop with you and your team with findings and recommendations

We believe we make a difference

Jan Ketil Skanke


CloudWay run a full evaluation of your Microsoft 365 implementation with focus on:




All in context of CloudWay best practices and utilizing the tools you have in Microsoft 365

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