Enable Frontline Workers

This workshop will assess your frontline workers’ needs, help you understand the potential of easy onboarding with SMS
authentication, and how Microsoft Teams, with Microsoft Viva Connection, can be the information hub replacing physical info

Frontline workers are the backbone of your organization. Make them strong!

Topics covered during the workshop

  • Where we are today and where are we going?
  • Understand the potential in SMS authentication
  • Viva Connection, the digital information board
  • Teams culture for frontline workers and apps like
    • Shifts, Tasks hub and attending all hands meetings
  • Digital Wellbeing in the 2020s
  • F1 vs F3 licensing
  • Taking it to the next level by automating manual processes
  • Using forms for surveys and trigger processes
  • Co-authoring and shared computer activation
  • Build a story to help everyone understand why log on and get started
  • Watch our video to understand the agenda ang potential better
Current challenges addressed in the workshop
Topics covered during the day
After the workshop
Next step after the workshop

Why CloudWay

CloudWay experts lead the way.

CloudWay’s workshop facilitators are subject matter experts (and thought leaders) in the Microsoft 365 space with years of experience deploying and teaching these technologies.

Who will hold the workshop

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Simon Skotheimsvik awarded as Microsoft MVP

We are proud to be able to congratulate Simon Skotheimsvik as Security Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for 2024. His technology area is Microsoft Intune and through blogging and speaking, he helps people understand endpoint management...

Are you eligible for a free Microsoft 365 workshop?​

Cloud Accelerator workshops can be run for customers and partners world wide, and CloudWay has specifically been chosen to run these workshops for select customers, which typically would not be eligible, all sponsored by Microsoft!

Are you evaluating Microsoft 365 possibilities and have less than 40% adoption? Then you might be eligible for Microsoft Cloud Accelerator workshop for Microsoft 365. Find a suitable workshop below.

About the Microsoft Cloud Accelerators

Microsoft Cloud Accelerators provide a set of pre-made workshops that enable partners like CloudWay to accelerate your Microsoft 365 journey, including a rapid deployment program to address your current needs for business continuity. Leveraging these accelerators enables you to facilitate more productive conversations in your organization, help you envision the possibilities, and more efficiently realize your Microsoft 365 opportunities.

Typical reasons for companies booking workshops

  • They want to understand and get the fullest of Microsoft 365
  • They want to know how to secure their journey to the cloud
  • They want to succeed with Microsoft Teams; lifecycle, adoption and data governance
  • They want an outside perspective on their cloud strategy
  • They want a day with practical information about any topic in Microsoft 365 that they can execute on
  • They have implemented Microsoft Teams and wants to be inspired to be productive as a team
  • They want to learn how to implement MFA the correct way
  • They want us to do deep dive training for their IT-Pros
  • They want us to change how individuals succeed with personal productivity using digital tools.
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