Webinar: Learn about Operator Connect and Calling Plans for Microsoft Teams

May 11, 2021 at 9:00 – 9:50 AM

The event has passed. Click here to watch the webinar recording for free.

Telephony in Microsoft is evolving. Calling Plans launched in May for Norway and are now available in all of Nordics. At the same time, Microsoft is launching Operator Connect, which is a more integrated and simplified way to bring your own carrier in to Teams. We want to share our understanding of when to use what for calling in the Nordic market.


  • Calling plans, Direct Routing, Operator
  • Connect, when use what
  • Audio Conferencing, pay as you go and
  • Operator Conferencing
  • The current state of switchboards
    • With MVPs Ståle Hansen and Mårten Hellebro
  • Fireside chat about Operator Connect
    • With Nils Petter Brokstad from Telenor and Lars Erik Norum from Microsoft

Our host, Ståle Hansen writes the Calling and Meeting chapter in the monthly updated book, Office 365 for IT Pros. He is joined by Mårten Hellebro, who has extensive experience with calling and switchboards, and together they will share what you need to know about telephony in Teams. It is a free webinar, make sure you register today!

Ståle Hansen
Cloudway CEO
Microsoft MVP
Microsoft Regional Director
Mårten Hellebro
CloudWay Senior Cloud Architect
Microsoft MVP
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