Orchestry Preferred Partner

CloudWay Services is the sole Preferred Partner for Orchestry in Norway. We deliver Orchestry to small and large companies world-wide. Let us turn your M365 management into Easy Mode!

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Work Made Simple

Work made simple

Simplify and secure Microsoft 365 with Orchestry—where innovative AI meets intuitive, single-click solutions.

Orchestry is the Highest-Rated M365 Management Platform out there. Companies across industries, geographies, and sizes use Orchestry to increase efficiency, drive Microsoft 365 adoption, and maximize their returns.


Orchestry lessens the need for training by providing a simplified interface for Microsoft 365 and drives adoption by providing a beautiful and intuitive interface for end users to request and discover Workspaces in Teams and SharePoint.

On average, users of Orchestry see a 27% increase in Microsoft adoption within the first two months.



Govern with controlled empowerment, not roadblocks.

With proper governance through Orchestry, you’ll be able to: 

– Automate policy enforcement.
– Reduce confusion with dynamic and consistent naming conventions.
– Automate Workplace Archival
– Control Guest Access
– Enhance Security

Lifecycle Management

Microsoft 365 is great at creating content. Orchestry adds capabilities in the management and archival of content with:

– Automatic Usage policies
– Archival Policies
– Renewal Policies
– Workspace Reporting
– Workspace Templates
– Naming Rules


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