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M365 ReVival

February 16

M365 ReVival is a full-day event taking place on Thursday, 16th of February, at the Microsoft Norway office in Oslo. Hosted by our MVP’s Ståle Hansen, Alexander Holmeset, Nikki Chapple, Lesley Crook, Mårten Hellebro and Merethe Stave.

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This is a full day event to learn the best ways of using M365 in HR, communications and how IT can be on top of things with best practices. The day will start with a keynote for everyone and then split into two tracks.

Track 1. The why for HR and Adoption
-Keynote: Digital Wellbeing​
-So, you got Teams, but how do you know if you are using it as intended?​
-Internal knowledge sharing in 2023​
-The new way of communicating with employees​
-OKRs and Viva Goals, do we finally have a way to drive purpose in everyday life.

Track 2. The how for IT
-Keynote: Digital Wellbeing​
-Viva Governance and privacy​
-Who should manage and maintain Viva?​
-How to implement Viva Connections​
-How to implement Viva Learning and Graph API​
-How to implement Viva Insights​
-How to implement Viva Topics​

We guarantee you will leave the day inspired to get started with Microsoft Viva in your organization and revive your M365 use, that is why we call the day, M365ReVival.