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Our MVP Mårten Hellebro is invited to CONNECT20 in Sweden as speaker and panelist. The event is broadcasted online. He will share his current best practices on how to succeed with meetings in Microsoft Teams. He will also be part of a panel where they will discuss the future of how we  communicate. All sessions are in Swedish Read more and sign up here

Paneldebatt: Hur kommunicerar vi i framtiden?
Förmiddagens tre trendspanare har lyssnat på de andras spaningar och nu samlar vi ihop spaningarna i en paneldebatt, där vi diskuterar varandras spaningar och sätter in allt i ett sammanhang. Ansluter till debatten gör också Teams-experten Mårten Hellebro.

Teams: Här är grunderna i verktyget
Mårten Hellebro, en av Sveriges ledande experter på Microsoft Teams, guidar dig in i tjänsten så att ni får ut max av er investering.


CONNECT20 is organized by the Swedish communication focus news site Telekom idag. The focus of the conference is the future of communication, contact center and telephony. Read more here

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