The practical approach to tasks in Teams

You know how to create and complete tasks. But do you really know how to succeed with tasks? Learn a practical approach to working with tasks in Teams and Microsoft 365 from MVP Ståle Hansen, he has been teaching his methodology for over 5 years. You WILL learn something new in this workshop and it might even change your life!

Topics covered during the day

  • All the methods of capturing tasks in Teams
  • Sorting and organizing tasks in Teams
  • Breaking tasks and goals in to actionable steps
  • Prioritizing and executing the most important task for you at that time
  • Hacking the custom focusing status in Teams for deep work

After the workshop

You will have a clear understanding of which tool to use when for task management in Microsoft 365, and have robust system for long term success with tasks as an individual.

CloudWay’s experts lead the way

CloudWay’s workshop facilitators are subject matter experts (and taught leaders) in the Microsoft 365 space, with years of experience deploying and teaching these technologies.

Published On: August 10th, 2021|