Culture in Microsoft Teams​

The number one skill for the 2020s is to master an overwhelming flow of information. With Teams in the workplace, we need to focus on moving internal communication away from single channel email inbox and over to multiple channels in Teams. This workshop will help you and your team to understand how to communicate and collaborate in a scalable way. People who has attended this workshops changed the way they related to Teams and each other in fundamental way.

Topics covered during the day

  • How to really tune your activity feed and notifications across platforms
  • Chat and conversations best practices
  • Hybrid meeting culture, how to collaborate before, during and after
  • Data-driven insights with Microsoft Viva to optimize your productivity life

After the workshop

You will have a clear understanding of how to disconnect when you are not at work, but still find the relevant information when you are back at work. You will also learn the proper chat culture which is the backbone of a successful Microsoft Teams adoption over time.


Microsoft Teams-Starter Pack Testimonial

CloudWay’s experts lead the way

CloudWay’s workshop facilitators are subject matter experts (and taught leaders) in the Microsoft 365 space, with years of experience deploying and teaching these technologies.

Published On: August 10th, 2021|