The PowerShell Conference Book

Forty subject matter experts have teamed up to bring you the ultimate collection of PowerShell topics that are designed to be like a conference in a book.

Michael T Lombardi and Mark Kraus

Forty subject matter experts have teamed up to bring you the ultimate collection of
PowerShell topics that are designed to be like a conference in a book. This book not only delivers top-notch content that rivals any book on the market, but all royalties are donated to the OnRamp scholarship program which bootstraps others into the industry.

Alexander Holmeset on The PowerShell Conference Book (Volume 2)

PowerShell basically changed my life and got me to the point in my career I am at now. It helped me get into community work also, were i have meet a lot of friendly and amazing people. What encouraged me most to write my chapter in the PowerShell Conference Book is that the proceeds go towards the OnRamp Scholarship for the PowerShell + DevOps Global Summit. I wanted to help people advance theire career and she how wonderful community work can be. I chose to write the chapter about “Getting Started With Microsoft Graph API and PowerShell” so i could show people you don’t need to learn programming to interact with the Graph API. – Alexander Holmeset, Cloud Consultant at CloudWay and co-author of The PowerShell Conference Book (Volume 2)

About the Book

This book is designed to be like a conference in a book where each chapter is written by a different author who is a subject matter expert on the topic covered in their chapter. Each chapter is also independent of the others so you can read one chapter, ten chapters, or all of them. You can start with the first chapter, the last one, or somewhere in-between and not miss out on anything related to that particular topic. This book is written for the intermediate to advanced audience. Prior experience with PowerShell is highly recommended. All (100%) of the royalties from this book are donated to the OnRamp scholarship program. More information about the OnRamp track at the PowerShell + DevOps Global Summit and their scholarship program can be found on the website.


How to Use This Book

Part I: Systems Management

Automate Patching With PoshWSUS and
PowerShell Scheduled Jobs
Building SQL Servers with Desired State
PowerShell and PKI
Ansible for the Windows Admin
Ansible in Practice, for the PowerShell Aficionado
Getting Started With PowerShell and IoT
Creating Labs With Hyper-V and PowerShell
A Case for PowerCLI on Core

Part II: PowerShell Tips & Tricks

Cross Platform PowerShell: Notes from the Field
PowerShell Development on Containers (PowerShell Core)
Update PowerShell Types to Type Less PowerShell
Tools and Methodologies for PowerShell Class Developers
Composite Formatting
Tricks To Remoting
Using Show-Command to Visualize Complex

Part III: PowerShell Internals

Writing Your First Compiled PowerShell Cmdlet
PowerShell’s Tokenizer
Consuming REST APIs with PowerShell
PowerShell Casting
Working with Dates
PowerShell, Windows Management Instrumentation, Common Information Model, and Me
PSRemoting: From 0 to Lockdown

Part IV: Handling Data

Keeping Your Users in the Loop with Toast Notifications
ReportCardPS – Create Custom HTML Reports with VMware’s Clarity UI Styling
Measure All the Things with Influx, Grafana and PowerShell
Logging Like a Baus
Read and Write to an Encrypted File
Visualize Your Environment With PSGraph
Working with Windows Events in New Ways

Part V: Cloud Operations

Using Azure Log for PowerShell Custom Logs
Azure Functions with PowerShell
Getting Started With Microsoft Graph API and PowerShell
Building Cloud-Native Modern Application with PowerShell on AWS
Web Mining for Enums

Part VI: Culture

Where PowerShell Has Taken Work
Your First Public Speaking Talk
Chasing the Rabbit – Helping Others to Navigate the Rabbit Hole of Automation
On the Road to DevOps, Don’t Forget the Soft Skills
The Evolution of Your Code
Hands to Head to Heart: Be More Human At Work


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