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Our Enterprise Mobility MVP, Maurice Daly, is scheduled to deliver three sessions at MMS 2019 at MOA. He will talk about how to do automated driver installations, how to drive compliance, stability and security in your client and server environment and business buy in strategy for BIOS management.  All sessions are 75 minutes long and focus on live content and encourage discussions. MMSMOA is a System Center, Cloud, PowerShell, and SQL Server focused conference, featuring world-class presenters from around the world. Read more here

BIOS & Firmware Management Deep Dive

Maintenance of systems today is much more than ensuring Windows is patched and you have the latest drivers as part of your OS deployment and in-place upgrade strategy. With issues such as Spectre and Meltdown companies suddenly realised that there was a requirement for patch machines not only at a software level but also at the underlying firmware level. In this session you will learn how to master automation of BIOS management, ensuring you can automate deployment of settings, understand the threats posed for business buy in and also patch your firmware through the use of PowerShell and OEM methods.

The Walking Unpatched – A Survival Strategy

Don’t want to end up being bitten by the walking unpatched in your organisation? Here Maurice Daly and Jordan Benzing will run through how to ensure your workers are all patched and don’t start coming back to bite you when you least expect it. How to manage automated deployment rules, software upgrade groups, those pesky users who just wont ever restart and of course catering for the hermits in your organisation who appear to be hiding in a nuclear bunker. Finally in the last part of the session we will show you how to deal with the aftermath of patches with scripts to help keep your WSUS database in a health state and adopt strategies to ensure your IIS server’s don’t become a victim of an unpatched stampede. So join us for this session and help drive compliance, stability and security for the good of all.

Drivers, Drivers, Drivers – I “Love” Drivers!!!!

Join Maurice Daly and Mikael Nystrom in a session with Windows driver focus. Love them or hate them, drivers are a fundamental component to the Windows OS and management is essential for the health of the machine. Let’s face it, NOBODY likes a BSOD mid-way through working on their Excel spreadsheet or machines running at a crawl with bad storage drivers. So, let’s talk about drivers, the selection process (known as ranking) within the Windows OS, strategy for keeping driver package sizes down, driver packages or legacy packages, family packages, UWP drivers (Yes, they are a “thing”), in-place upgrades and for old time sake “Apply All Drivers” (yes you will be asked to leave the room). You will learn about both client and server drivers, as well as choosing the correct method of deploying, upgrading, maintaining and troubleshoot drivers


Let’s start by saying that the info you learn in sessions at MMS, is probably not in a book, in the Microsoft Official Curriculum, or in TechNet documentation. The intent of MMS is to provide training and knowledge share for IT pros who have already mastered the standard training channels. MMS will help take your skills to the next level. Read more

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