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CloudWay is very proud that both our MVPs Ståle Hansen and Jan Ketil Skanke are speaking at Microsoft Ignite. They will share their insights on Microsoft Teams, OneNote, Azure MFA and Microsoft Intune. CloudWay is also very happy to be sponsoring “Norsk Aften” for the second year, this time together with Pexip, Microsoft, and KPMG.

“Microsoft Ignite is a huge event, which was sold out in August already. There are a lot of Norwegians attending, but it not always easy to meet them, that is why we want to make sure we have a gathering such as “Norsk Aften” says Ståle and Jan Ketil

CloudWay will be part of a total of four theater sessions. A theater session is held in secluded areas around the exhibition hall and is 20 minutes long. These are the types of sessions that will give you concrete nuggets about defined topics. Ståle and Jan Ketil are also hosting two community meetups. A community meetup is a 75-minute event where the community event organizers talk about a topic and the audience can ask and discuss around that topic. If you have any burning questions at Ignite, look up a meetup that suits you and bring your questions.

Make sure you register for their sessions in the session catalog

THR2137 – OneNote life hacks

Learn structured thinking on how to use Microsoft OneNote to collect all thoughts, ideas, workshop notes, and actionable emails inspired by productivity methodologies such as GTD and the Pomodoro technique. Get tips on how to set up the OneNote clients correctly across mobile, web, and computer.

THR2138 – Stream meetings with Microsoft Teams Live Events

It is possible to schedule a live event and produce it directly from the Microsoft Teams clients? Get an understanding of capabilities, best practices and how it is used to create external webinars and internal town hall meetings. Users can consume the stream from any device via any browser without an app or plugin. Get a 20 minute head start on this valuable feature in Microsoft Teams.

THR2241 – Meetings best practices in Microsoft Teams

Learn how to succeed with meetings and the new features cloud recording and live events. Get an understanding of capabilities, best practices, and how live events are used to create external webinars and internal town hall meetings. Make meetings searchable in Microsoft Stream with cloud recording and transcripts. Meeting recording just became useful!

MUP1004 – Ask us Anything about troubleshooting Skype for Business and Teams

Attendees will have the opportunity to sit and ask their burning questions about Microsoft Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams. Your MVP hosts will answer questions from migration, co-existence, video/voice how-to, and any others related to general troubleshooting. Get access the collective brainpower of the MVP community with small table sessions. There will be an interactive quiz at the end with some teams prizes. Come join us! colleagues.

THR3074 – How to get started with Azure MFA the right way

Most organizations have understood the need for securing cloud identities with a second factor of authentication like Azure Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). Still, a lot are doing it wrong. It is not complicated to do Azure MFA the right way with using Microsoft Intune and conditional access. Spend 20 minutes on this session and see how to protect all cloud apps and identities with a few simple steps.

THR3090 – Get started with Intune application protection and conditional access in 20 minutes

Users are always looking for the easiest way to get access to work resources. They don’t want to enroll their device for MDM management just to get access to email, they simply want to have access to that email or that document right here, right now. Even if MDM enrollment is required, app protection policies will give a more secure access with managing the app in addition to the device. Come and learn how to get started with a baseline configuration that secures all user access to emails and documents in the cloud from any mobile device.

MUP3002 – Enabling device admins for modern management success

Are you trying to go with cloud modern management of Windows 10 but the challenges are too big? Maybe you have a ton of legacy stuff to maintain and manage? You are not alone. Come to this meetup and discuss your blockers with your peers and community experts. We discuss:

  • Available resources (blogs, videos, trainings)
  • Setup, explaining what you might need to purchase, what you can retire
  • Troubleshooting, basic tips and tricks around issues we have seen as well as notes from the field (what are customers saying and how are we helping them

Register for Norsk Aften!

CloudWay is proud to team up with Microsoft, Pexip, and KPMG to bring Norsk Aften to Microsoft Ignite, the second year in a row. Mingle with fellow Norwegians over some drinks and have fun Tuesday 1730 at Bahama Breeze. Sign up today!

About Microsoft Ignite

Microsoft Ignite is the premiere event organized by Microsoft for worldwide audience for IT Pros, decisionmakers, and influencers. This is where you get to learn what’s new, how it works and how others have succeeded with Microsoft technology.

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