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Our MVP’s Jan Ketil Skanke and Ståle Hansen are scheduled to speak at ExpertsLive Europe. Make sure you register for their sessions, these are topics they are subject matter experts on, so bring your questions!

Jan Ketil’s sessions

Protecting Office 365 and more with EMS

Your most important business information is stored safely in the Microsoft cloud, but what are you doing to ensure that only right users are accessing your cloud services?
Are you making sure that only approved and protected apps or devices that comply with corporate policy can access those same services?
What if a device is compromised? Are you able to detect that and block access based on that detection?
In all of this there might be privacy concerns. What do you do if your users does not want you to control and manage their private devices, while still they have the need and wish to do work on those same devices?
In this session we will do a walkthrough with a lot of demos of how you can use EMS to protect your data with Azure AD Conditional Access, App Protection, Azure Information Protection, Modern device management and Threat protection.

Managing device access to your company data without enrollment

It should be no surprise that you should enable 2FA on your corporate logons today, and most organizations have understood the need for securing cloud identities with a second factor of authentication like Azure MFA. But still, a lot are doing it wrong and are breaking the user experience on their path to a more secure environment.
It is not very complicated to do Azure MFA the right way by using MS Intune and Azure AD Conditional Access together. Come to this session and get all the details on how to protect all your users and apps in a way that doesn’t break the user experience.

Ståle’s sessions

OneNote LifeHack: 5 steps for succeeding with personal productivity

So you are using OneNote as your primary note taking tool? Without structure you might lose track of all your notes. This session is about how to get structured using OneNote to dump all your thoughts, ideas, emails and notes that are either actionable or something you want to find later and use it as the only task scheduling tool as well. MVP Ståle Hansen shows you five steps to get started with a robust framework from using sections correct, your mobile to take notes on the go, Microsoft Flow to send email to OneNote from any device and the Pomodoro Technique to prioritize and induce flow in a busy workday. The magic is to collect all information in one section regardless of platform, the collection section. Join this session on getting structured with OneNote.

How to control Microsoft Teams like a boss

Join this session to take control of Microsoft Teams using PowerShell. Learn how to take control Teams creation, deletion and restore. We will dive in to guest access and take a look on how to archive Microsoft Teams and Office 365 Groups. You will leave this session feeling enlightened on controlling all facets of Microsoft Teams

About Experts Live Europe

Experts Live Europe is a Microsoft community conference with a focus on Microsoft cloud, datacenter and workplace management. Top experts from around the world present discussion panels, ask-the-experts sessions and breakout sessions and cover the latest products, technologies and solutions. It’s the time of the year to learn, network, share and make valuable connections. Read more here: https://www.expertslive.eu/about.html

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