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Join our MVPs, Mårten Hellebro and Alexander Holmeset, in this online-only event! The theme is Oktoberfest and they will share their knowledge on Teams telephony and video needs and automation of Teams administration. These are topics they know very well and we are sure you will learn a lot when attending their sessions. The tracks for the day are: Management & Governance, Rooms, Voice & Adoption, Automation & Education. Since this is an online-only event, it will be possible to attend from wherever you are, make sure you reserve your spot today!

Automate your day as a Teams administrator

How can you automate the administration of Microsoft Teams? You will learn how to ease your day to day tasks with PowerShell, Graph API, and Flow. Whats the correct tool to use for which task? Why would you create new teams for your users when they can do it them self by an automated approval process?

Is Teams ready to be the one stop shop for all your telephony and video needs?

Microsoft Teams is replacing Skype, that’s a fact. But is Teams ready to be the one-stop-shop for all your telephony and video needs? Spoiler alert; Yes, it is. In this session, we will take a close look into the telephony and video interoperability capabilities of Microsoft Teams. How the PBX can be replaced, and all video conferencing needs can be met, all in Teams

About Europen Teams UG Summit

Oktoberfest is a free virtual summit dedicated to Microsoft Teams and organized by the European Teams User Group. It brings together some of the foremost members of the Microsoft Tech Community to speak about the fastest growing app in Microsoft history. Teams have grown to over 13 million monthly active users and overtaken Slack as the collaboration hub of choice the world over. Read more

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